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Never Again: Shut Down the ICE Field Office! - Newark, NJ

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Jews, immigrants, and other community members in New Jersey are organizing to say #NeverAgainIsNow.

Join us on Wednesday 10/3 in front of the New Jersey ICE field office to show that we mean #NeverAgainParaNadie. Please send us a message if you’d like to have a role in the action.

All across the country, Jews and other community members have been fighting back against ICE for terrorizing immigrant families and putting them in camps that operate outside the parameters of our justice system, both at the border and in our own communities.

As Jews, we feel a moral obligation to never let an atrocity like the Holocaust happen again. We cannot sit idly by while witnessing family separation, gestapo-like ICE raids targeting our communities, and county profiteering off of people’s suffering in our jails.

We denounce New Jersey’s lucrative county contracts with ICE, as well as the Democratic county officials that uphold these contracts, which rake in roughly $100,000,000 per year to keep immigrants in county jails.

The hub for all ICE activity in New Jersey is based out of one building not far from the Prudential Center. The Peter Rodino building seems like just another office building, but inside, ICE is conducting business as usual completely under the radar of the community at large. By making ICE feel very seen we aim to disrupt their quiet lives of abduction, family separation, detention, torture, and death.

End the ICE detention contracts in New Jersey.

End the Democrat’s complicity with ICE.

NeverAgainMeans never again.

NeverAgainMeans abolish ICE.

NeverAgainMeans close the camps.

NeverAgainMeans never again for anyone.

Date & Time

October 3rd, 2019


ICE Field Office for all of New Jersey
970 Broad Street, Newark NJ 07102