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Airline Food Workers Rally

American Airlines made more than $15 billion in profits over the past 5 years, but many of the workers who prepare food for the airline face a health care crisis.

That’s why, in June, catering workers across the country overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike when released from federal mediation. In August, 58 workers and their supporters were arrested at American Airlines’ headquarters, demanding that the airline do its part to end poverty for catering workers. Last month, nearly 60 workers and their allies staged a die-in at American’s hub airport in Philadelphia following an approximately 700-person rally.

Now, on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day, airline catering workers and their supporters will call on American Airlines to take urgent and necessary steps to ensure workers who cater their flights are able to escape poverty and access health care.

Please note: While the action is at 3pm, we will be leaving from Newark airport at 12:30pm.

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Date & Time

November 26th, 2019


JFK Airport, Terminal 8
JFK Airport, Terminal 8, Queens, NY