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#FreeThemAll Fridays

Our phone zaps are working; we’re successfully getting a real estate developer to cut its lease with the private prison company that runs the Elizabeth Detention Center.

But too many of our political leaders are still failing to step up, even as a New Jersey jail is being investigated for abusing an immigrant detained there by ICE; as Black Lives Matter protestors facing criminal charges and prison time; and as medical care and COVID testing for incarcerated people are dangerously lacking. This moment highlights the many ways that cages of all kinds are a public health threat. People can’t heal, recuperate, or avoid infection in jails, prisons, and immigrant detention centers. No one is free unless we are all free. And no one will be released unless we demand everyone be released!

On Oct. 2nd, the House passed Resolution 1143 “condemning the medical abuse…happening at the Irwin County Detention Center [and calling on] the Department of Homeland Security to pause the deportation of anyone who experienced any medical procedure at Irwin, hold the individuals involved in the procedures accountable, and to comply with all related investigations.”

That is good news, but it doesn’t change the fact that local elected officials have remained silent on conditions of neglect and abuse rampant in their detention centers. The whistle-blower complaint was about dangerously insufficient and inappropriate medical attention, which is part and parcel of our detention-deportation machine and just another way white supremacy overwhelmingly dispossesses, oppresses, and disappears BIPOC.

Join us again this Friday, Oct. 16th at 12 p.m. EDT to keep the pressure on local elected officials, who are responsible for imprisoning people despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials can no longer ignore our calls!

We’ll gather on a Zoom video call on Friday from 12 to 1:30pm to give a brief introduction and instructions, and then make calls simultaneously from our phones, and share experiences & feedback in the chatbox. RSVP here to get an invitation link to the Zoom call:

Date & Time

October 16th, 2020